A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 33 (Chain Reaction). All assets were made during the jam, except for the font, which I reused from an older, unpublished game.

You control a chain of runes which can fight ("react with") other chains, in a fashion similar to the classic snake game.

The first rune is known as a starter rune. It leads the train of runes. It is the only part of the chain which deals damage, so make sure your tail doesn't remain unprotected from others.

The next runes are one of three kinds: Damage (red), Health (Green), and Armor (Blue). Each version comes in a more powerful, rarer, golden version, which is also heavier. Each of those runes decreases movement speed slightly.

The final rune controls the base movement speed, and thus the length of the chain. Currently, there is only one type of it.

Before each "round" starts, players have to select their runes from their collection. Currently, those runes are obtained randomly after each round, but are likely going to be collected from the ground in the future.

The order of the runes doesn't matter right now, but it is under consideration.

Also, you can't collect additional starter or end runes, because of the limited time during the jam. Later, it is likely that swarms of creatures or other types of starters would be available.

Install instructions

If the download for your platform doesn't work, try downloading the source code and running it with Godot 3.0.x.


runechain.linux.32.zip 9 MB
runechain.linux.64.zip 9 MB
runechain.mac.zip 25 MB
runechain.windows.32.zip 7 MB
runechain.windows.64.zip 10 MB
runechain.zip 45 kB

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