A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Late submission by two hours and a half. In our defence, we started a day or two late.

Oh noes! The town is plagued with ghosts. You, the sheriff, have decided to take serious measures against them, and bought the high-tech Ghostcam, a device which can print photographs the world ghosts see. Now, armed with a gun, you have to kill the ghosts without killing any civilians.

Ghostcam is a "spot the differences" game, where you have to click invisible moving ghosts after finding them on a static photograph of both them and normal people.

Team submission by bojidar-bg, kennyG and Obmai89/AuRiX.

Since time was a bit short, the background of prototype Godot engine icons still stands. This and the font (Acme), are the only non-original assets used.

Install instructions

Game requires OpenGL 3.3 to run.

Note: MacOSX export might or might not work. If it doesn't, feel free to contact the programmer ("bojidar-bg") on the WGJ discord, or just try to run it under WINE.


linux32.zip 11 MB
linux64.zip 11 MB
win32.zip 9 MB
win64.zip 11 MB
osx.fat.zip 27 MB

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